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Leak Guard

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Leak Guard {{deviceId}}

Push the device's test button once, please.

Push and hold the device's test button for 3 seconds period.

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Leak Guard {{deviceId}}

[Required] Please enter at least one phone number for alarms. You will be sent a 4-digit code to verify your phone number.
[Optional] Email address for alarms. You will be sent a 4-digit code to verify your email address.

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Leak Guard {{deviceId}} Registered successfully.
We suggest you to save alarm call numbers in your phones address book, so you can quickly recognize caller in case of alarm. Please notice that alarm call comes from different number than alarm message.
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Leak Guard {{deviceId}}

Push the device’s test button or simulate leakage e.g by pushing device’s sensor gently against wet towel or dishcloth.

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Leak Guard {{deviceId}}

Push button was pressed

Leakage alarm was received

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